The Atelier Programs

The Atelier Programs

PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently accepting applications for the Atelier Programs.  Students wishing to study with the Atelier can do so with Online Classes, Workshops and Mentorships.

The atelier (French, meaning the workshop or studio of an artist) was common in 19th century Europe where students would typically enter an established artist’s studio for training, often in a classical, academic mode. This study took place over the course of many years, building the student’s skills through progressive training in drawing from casts, copying masters, drawing from life, then painting from life.

Drawing on this tradition, The Landscape Atelier has developed two programs – The Drawing Program and The Drawing-Painting Program- designed to provide students with thorough and rigorous training in landscape drawing and painting. Both programs are delivered online with a low residency requirement, which allows students from all over the world to participate.

The programs are conducted on The Landscape Atelier Class Blog which  houses both programs  so that students in both programs are able to interact. This creates an online classroom/studio that keeps all Atelier students connected. Students get feedback quickly on assignments and their questions. Video tutorials complement the written content provided. Monthly telephone conferences with instructors allow for direct communication and discussion of progress.

Based on 19th century methods, both programs start with the basics of drawing, making close studies of Nature, field sketching and observation in the field, showing students how this way of preliminary study and work can not only deepen their knowledge and understanding of  subject, but increase their powers of observation, eventually leading to an increased ability to work from memory and imagination.

Both programs include study of art history, specifically the work of 19th century landscape painters in Europe and America. Additional studies of the literary and cultural trends of the 19th century will provide context for the art history studies. Natural history, field guides and other resources  provide material for basic scientific understanding of the natural world we seek to depict.

Both programs continue throughout the year in order to allow students to take full advantage of good weather in their areas for outdoor work and reserving the winter months for studio work and study.  There is a one week break between trimesters and a three week holiday break in December. Atelier enrollment is kept small to enable each student’s training to be individualized and specific to their needs. Students may be admitted to either program at the beginning of each trimester.

The Drawing Program

The Landscape Atelier Drawing Program is a comprehensive one year program designed for beginning to advanced artists seeking an intensive study of drawing the landscape. The Drawing Program will focus exclusively on the materials, concepts, and skills of drawing from Nature.

The art of drawing is the art of slowing down and learning to see. At The Landscape Atelier, students will partake in a progressive curriculum drawn from traditional artistic training. The course of study will include an in-depth study of the tools and materials of drawing, the techniques of drawing, and drawing as an art form. Through master copies, drawings from Nature, memory exercises, and pure observation, students will first learn the technical skills to represent Nature truthfully. Once technical skills are mastered, students will be encouraged to represent their own vision of the natural world, culminating in a year end project.

The Drawing Program is designed to be completed in one year. The time commitment required is about 15-20 hours a week. Students are also required to complete a two week residency which may be divided into several residency periods. Students may enter the program at the beginning of any trimester.

By emphasizing drawing as both a practice and an art form, The Landscape Atelier Drawing Program will offer a unique educational approach in the world of contemporary landscape art.

The Drawing-Painting Program

The Drawing-Painting Program is a comprehensive two year program designed for beginning to more advanced artists seeking intensive study in drawing and painting the landscape, based on learning core concepts and skills, drawing techniques and materials, master copies, drawing from Nature, memory training exercises, observation of Nature, drawing and sketching in the field, design and composition, color theory and practical application, direct alla prima painting and advanced indirect painting techniques in the studio, and working from memory and imagination.

The Drawing-Painting Program is designed to be completed in two years and requires a 15-20 hour per week time commitment.   Students are required to complete a four week residency which can be broken up into shorter segments. Residencies are scheduled in the spring and fall months in Clarksville and also at other locations in the summer.