Online Class Schedule and Registration


These four and six week classes are offered as virtual online learning opportunities. Students also receive a bonus of an additional week to complete their assignments and post for comment. Our online classes are designed to provide a complete learning experience at a slower, more measured pace and without the added expense of travel and lodging.

A private blog is our online classroom/studio where students and the instructor can interact. Students may log into the class blog at anytime. There are no scheduled times for the class to meet, so students may complete their work and study on their own schedules. Students receive one on one critique and comment from the instructor.

Students have access to and may copy all class materials and also have access to class video demos for up to one year after the class ends.

To register, click on the link below and locate the name of the class you want to register for.

Class Descriptions can be found under a separate tab.

To register, follow this link and identify the class you want to register for.

2019 Online Class Schedule

March 1-April 12   Drawing the Landscape (DP)

March 15- April 12 Color II (DP)

April 12-May 24 Strong Start (DP)

April 26-May 24 Art History (19thc. American Landscape) (DP)

May 24-June 21 Water (DP)

May 24-June 21 Found Still Life (Flowers) (DP)

June 21-August 2 Luminous Landscape (indirect Painting) (DP)

July 5-August 2 Art History (European Landscape 1800-1850) (DP)

August 2-August 30 Skies (DP)

September 6-October 4 Drawing & Painting Trees (DP)

September 6-October 4 Painting Expressively (RW)

October 4-November 1 Nocturnes (DP)

October 4-November1 Monochromatic Landscape (RW)

November 1-November 29 Composition (DP)

November 1-November 29 Painting from Imagination (RW)