Online Classes

Our popular online classes are open to students of all experience levels.  We have been teaching online classes for over ten years years and deliver personalized high quality instruction in an online format. These 4 and 6 week classes are offered as virtual online learning opportunities.  They are designed to provide a complete learning experience at a slower, more measured pace and without the added expense of travel and lodging. Students may log into the class blog at anytime. There are no scheduled times for the class to meet, so students may complete their work and study on their own schedules.

The class blog provides an online studio/classroom where students can interact with one another and the instructor. Class material is delivered by written lecture, images and video. Students post their work for comment and critique throughout the class. Each class is an interactive learning experience. The instructor responds to questions and work posted for comment and critique on a daily basis. Video demos are available for students to view for up to one year following the end of each class. Students also receive a PDF of all class notes and materials posted by the instructor.