Mentorship Program

The Landscape Atelier – Mentorship Program

The Landscape Atelier Online Mentorship Program is for intermediate to advanced landscape painters working in oil who seek to make substantial progress in their work through a focused, individual program. The duration of each Mentorship Program is three months. The online format offers an opportunity to work on your own schedule and without the expense of travel and lodging required for participation in workshops. The longer time frame gives you a chance to see real, substantial progress in your work that is difficult to achieve in shorter term classes and workshops.

Although the Mentorship Program offers a hands on one-on-one experience to be mentored by a professional artist, mentees are expected to be self-starting and committed to full participation. This program in not appropriate for artists without at least two years of painting experience.

What can you expect to accomplish? We first identify specifics as to what you want to focus on during the three month period. This might be a technical focus such as improving your paint handling, strengthening your composing or drawing skills, your understanding and use of color, or learning to work larger. On the other hand, your focus might be more conceptual, such as finding your voice or style as an artist.

The Mentorship Program includes:

  • An individualized program tailored to your goals (as expressed in your application and one on one initial conference).
  • Initial Conference
  • Weekly ‘check ins’ via email for answers to brief questions.
  • Review and critique—you may submit up to three paintings per bi-monthly conference (in advance). Critiques may include Photoshop edits of your work available for discussion at your conference where appropriate.
  • Although Mentorships are primarily focused on your own work, where appropriate specific exercises and assignments may be given to help you deepen your understanding in a particular study area.
  • Bi-monthly Zoom video conferences (every two weeks)
  • Access to the library of 35 Atelier videos
  • PDFs and other written content appropriate to your program.
  • The opportunity to discuss other questions related to your art career and growth as an artist, including studio management and productivity.

Please Note: You will need a computer or mobile device and an internet connection to participate. You will need to be able to take good photos of your work and email or upload them.

For more about my teaching philosophy and online learning, you can listen to this podcast.

Please Note: In order to apply for the  Mentorship Program you must have taken at least one of my online classes.  This allows you to get a good idea of my teaching methods and philosophy and to judge whether it would be a good fit for you. It gives me a chance to work with you and get an idea of your skill level, strengths and weaknesses and level of commitment.

Application Period

The application period is now open for Summer Mentorships

Summer Mentorships: June-August 2020

Notification of acceptance will be on or before May 1, 2020.

Subsequent Mentorship Periods in 2020 will be announced and applications accepted at that time.

Up to 3 artists will be accepted for the Mentorship Program for each three month period. Artists may extend their mentorships by confirming their intention to do so during the subsequent application period. However, mentees are not guaranteed a spot in subsequent Mentorship Periods.

Cost of the Program

Upon acceptance to the Program the fee for the three month Mentorship Program of $1500 is due and payable. When you are accepted into the Program, you will receive a Paypal invoice that can be paid with Paypal or any major credit card.

Once you have been accepted and your fee has been paid but before the Mentorship Period begins, should you advise us that you are unable to participate for any reason, your fee will be refunded less a $250 administrative fee. Once the Mentorship Period has begun, your total fee is nonrefundable regardless of the reason for non-participation.

Please fill out the application below and email to

Mentorship Application 2020