Independent Study/Mentorship

The Landscape Atelier – Independent Study/Mentorship

Often students are interested in more in depth study than can be offered in a four or six week online class of a broad area of drawing or painting instruction. Our one and two year Atelier programs require a commitment many are not able to undertake because of time constraints and other factors. So, I am pleased to offer a six or twelve week independent study opportunity.

These six or twelve week programs are primarily designed for intermediate to advanced landscape painters It is not required that the student have studied with me previously in online classes or workshops, but current students are certainly welcome.

Students can choose the area of study they want to pursue. Each independent study will be tailored to the student’s level of experience and the specific topic of study selected.

Some examples of topics for independent study are:

~creation of a body of work for a show or gallery submission

~concentrated study of a particular area such as drawing, color, composition, value, etc.

~concentrated study of particular techniques , methods or materials

~ concentrated study of a particular subject or motif in the landscape

The independent study/mentorship may include the following as appropriate for the chosen area of study:

~A preliminary telephone conference to discuss the parameters of the study period and a final telephone conference for critique and wrap up .

~ Depending on the topic of study there may be a weekly assignment .

~Each week the student will receive critique and feedback on their work via email

~Photoshop corrections to student’s work

~short video tutorials

~written content and images to explain ideas and concepts.

Students are welcome to extend the study period for longer periods in six week increments.


Six Week Independent Study/Mentorships -$600

12 Week Independent Study/Mentorships` $1200


If you are interested , please send a brief description of your experience, 3-4 images of your work, a description of the area you want to study and your goals for the independent study.


I will begin scheduling these in September 2016 and will do a limited number of them throughout the year.